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Dalek Fax

Dalek Fax is a remote controlled robot which is a detailed replica of a Dalek from the tv series Dr. Who (the longest running British sci fi series). This is our second dalek which we started in August 2023 for Bay Area Maker Faire (Andrew Maley built most of the external structure. He is powered by a 74 amphour lithium phosphate battery (capabl of 600 amp burst). His drive system is a mecanum wheel setup that allows movment in any direction. His sound system includes a 100w amplifier with a wireless microphone and Dalek voice changer Mk3 (assembled from scratch by Nicholas Maley). Nicholas assembled and maintains most of the electrical systems on board. The Dalek has several servos in his head that allow for it to turn, elevate the eyestalk and blink the iris in his eye. The eye was 3d printed and assembled with a 9g micro servo to give it movement. His Favorite word is "Exterminate". He lives with Andrew, Carol and Nicholas Maley in Fairfax CA.

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